aquariusElement: Air

Fixed sign

Numerology: 11

Rulers: Jupiter, Uranus

Gemstone: Aquamarine

Aquarius is situated towards the end of the zodiac; if we describe the zodiac as mankind’s evolution journey, starting from the moment of birth in Aries until the transition to the transcendental worlds in Pisces, the stage of life on which Aquarius speaks of the stage of destiny and fulfillment. It is a stage in which man has collected sufficient experience, learning, work, and now he is radiating something which is beyond ordinary daily life.

This radiance makes people to want to be close to him. His presence he starts to have a good influence on his surroundings, thus he is in practice in the stage of destiny and fulfillment.

Aquarius is the carrier of pails. It is a person who does a service to society by not thinking only about his best interest, but takes care to bring the water to the whole tribe. The water is a metaphor for the spiritual realms – which the pail carrier brings to the people he love and takes under his wing. People of Aquarius do not think of themselves, they think of other people’s well being and best interest, and they have high social awareness from a very young age.

The rulers of Aquarius are two planets, very different from each other. One planet is Saturn, who is also a ruler of Capricorn. This planet turns them into very responsible people, with spiritual vision, values and high standards.

The other planet is Uranus, this planets brings innovation, creativity, originality and creation out of nothing. Aquarius people do not heed to conventions. They have a strong spine that leads them and helps them knowing intuitively right and wrong, and so they will never be influenced by conventions or do something because “everyone does it”.

They need the freedom to create their world. They are original and unpredictable.